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Low Voltage Cable Catalog

Digital Catalog (English)


Honeywell Cable - Steadfast Solutions
Update Your Specifications with Cable you Can Trust
We've Got a Cable for That! - Security (Canada-English)
We've Got a Cable for That! - Security (Canada-French)
We've Got a Cable for That! - Security (Spanish)
We've Got a Cable for That! - Security (US-English)

Security Cables

Access Control Composite Cables
Card Reader Wiring Addendum
Profusion Access Control Cables
WHITE PAPER: RG59 CCTV - Bare Copper vs. Copper Clad Aluminum Braid Shield

Network and IP Cables

25-Year Platinum Tools Warranty
Advantages and Applications of Wired and Wireless Home Networks
Cat 6A: The Power to Grow
Category Cable Quick Selection Guide (Poster)
Category Cable Selection Guide
PoE LED Lighting
Shielded Network Cable
SureLYNK System Warranty

Fire Alarm Cables

Fire Alarm Cables
Fire Alarm Wiring Guide
Fire Cables for Fire-Lite
Fire Cables for Notifier
Fire Cables for Silent Knight
Fire Panel Warranty Extension
Metal Clad Fire Wire
Stranded Fire Alarm Cable: Flexible Cable, Flexible Terms
Striped Fire Alarm Cables

HVAC and Thermostat Cables

Hybrid Thermostat - Uncommon Sense
Hybrid Thermostat Wire Brochure
Low Voltage Thermostat (CSA LVT) Cables
Metal Clad Mini Split Cable - Your Time is Worth Saving
Mini Split Cable - Complete Selection
Mini Split Cables (Portable Cords vs. Tray Cable)
Thermostat Wiring Addendum
We've Got a Cable for That! - HVAC

Audio/Video Cables

Audacious Sound Cable
Multimedia Makeover
Shielded Category for Pro AV


Coaxial Connector Selector
Coaxial Connector Selector: IDEAL
Competitor Cross Reference
Installing Cables Outdoors
UL vs ETL Listings
WHITE PAPER: Riser Rated Flame Performance