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Freight and Shipment Delivery Policy

  1. Genesis has a minimum purchase order amount of $200. As of March 2009, a $1500 purchase order is required to qualify for prepaid freight terms. These dollar amounts are subject to change at any time without notice.

  2. The seller will ship products via “best way” through Genesis-approved carriers if the buyer would like prepaid freight. The seller will not pay for expedited, air freight, or for carriers specified by the buyer.

  3. The seller will only prepay freight to the contiguous 48 U.S. states, which does not include Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, The U.S Virgin Islands, or Puerto Rico. For orders shipping to those destinations, the seller will pay freight to the U.S. border/port (i.e. the state of Washington, California, Texas, Florida, New York). The buyer will assume responsibility for the freight from that border port to the final destination.

  4. It is the buyer’s responsibility to notify the seller of any shipping/delivery discrepancies within 15 days of receipt of the shipment. If the seller is notified after those 15 days, the seller reserves the right to refuse credit. It is also the buyer’s responsibility to inspect all shipments and note/sign for any damage on the carrier’s bill of lading. The seller reserves the right to refuse credit for damaged material if this notation is not made. ​​