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Q) Does Genesis have a product warranty?
A) Yes! ​Please refer to our warranty page for a full explanation of our best in the industry product warranty and extended warranty programs.​

Q) Are your cables RoHS compliant?
A) Yes! All Genesis cables are RoHS compliant.

Q) Do you offer free freight?
A) Yes! Please contact our Inside Sales Associates for program details at 800-222-0060.

Q) Is your wire sunlight/UV resistant?

A) Yes! Most of our non-plenum wire has UV protection. The amount of wear on the cable over the years depends on the location of the wire. Please refer to our individual part number specification sheets for more information.

Q) Can I paint your cable?
A) We believe our cable is beautiful just the way it is, but we understand that sometimes it may become necessary to mask exposed cables for aesthetic purposes. Our non-plenum rated cables are jacketed with materials that can be painted with water-based paints. Please keep in mind that you should never paint plenum rated cables or cables installed in plenum air spaces as this will compromise the flame resisting and smoke releasing characteristics of the installation.

Q) Do you offer direct burial cables?
A) Yes, we have a variety of direct burial cables including cables for fire, high-end sound, and networking. We also have water-resistant coaxial CATV and CCTV cables.

Q) What is Waveflex™?
A) Waveflex is a patent-pending jacket design created by our engineers in order to save our installers time and money. Waveflex improves cable flexibility, greatly improves stripping of the jacket, and allows for faster terminations.

Q) What is the Genesis® Speed Bag®?
A) The Genesis Speedbag gives customers a convenient and environmentally conscious packaging option without sacrificing quality or performance. It is a packaging coil encapsulated in a high density poly wrap. Cables pull freely, do not tangle, and take up to 30% less space. This type of packaging is moisture resistant and recyclable so clean up is easy with no box or reel to dispose of.

Q) What is the NEC?
A) The NEC (National Electrical Code) is a highly regarded handbook resource considered the most comprehensive document on electrical safety. The NEC explains current code requirements and discusses pertinent code changes. Articles of the NEC are specific to certain wire applications.

Q) What does Riser rated cable mean?
A) Riser rated cable is required for jobs where cable is going to be run vertically up multistory buildings in floor to floor wiring riser.

Q) What does Plenum rated cable mean?
A) Plenum rated cable is required for jobs where cable is going to be run in return air space. In most buildings this area is above drop ceilings or under raised floors. The materials required to pass plenum standards are more expensive than non-plenum-rated designs.